DeLuxe Property Division

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The DeLuxe Group was well known in Marlborough as a company which operated buses and coaches for passenger transport since the 1920's and was also well entrenched in the hospitality industry. In 2003, the DeLuxe Group changed focus moving into property development and dealing in Automotive sales. Our focus is to develop “property with style”. Two of our developments Covent Gardens and Nottinghill have now sold out leaving Marlborough Ridge Resort at Fairhall where sections are still currently available.

We don't see ourselves in the mass market and are deliberately targeting the mid to top end residential market with everything we are doing. Our newest development has commenced and is located off Old Renwick Road in the heart of Springlands. It will be known as "Rose Manor" and will occupy almost 20 hectares of land creating almost 190 new residential sections in Springlands. Check out our Rose Manor pages which are being updated regularly.

Rose Manor

We recognise that our projects are long-term projects with design and quality always coming ahead of sales. Having different developments but all in the same target market, we recognise that we are our own biggest competitor between developments. This makes good forward planning essential.

Many trips to other parts of New Zealand and around the World have helped with our long-term plan and vision. From our travels, we have discovered that many of the areas which deem to be the best residential parts of New Zealand seem to have one thing in common. They have quite substantial homes built, beautiful landscaping and many of the homes are two storey. It is our belief that a two-storey home has so many more possibilities in design and flare and usually lifts the overall development. Also a two storey home generally requires a much smaller footprint on your section. This gives a lot more area for landscaping and recreation around the home. Generally it also means that you keep a little further away from your boundaries. Many homes built in Covent Gardens are a true testament of this, ending up with so much more section in which to enjoy and overall makes the development ooze quality.  learn more

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